How to Increase Your Senior Loved One's Mobility

How to Promote Elderly Mobility

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How to Promote Senior Mobility in Chandler, AZ

As people age, decreased mobility can become a serious issue. Affecting all aspects of life from traveling to performing daily tasks, mobility is important to a senior’s overall wellbeing. Help accommodate your elderly loved one to ensure he or she remains as mobile as possible.

Encourage the Use of Mobility Aids

Many seniors put off using mobility aids such as canes or walkers for as long as possible. This may be because they don’t want to admit they need the extra help or because they don’t want to transport an extra aid around with them. Let your loved one know neither you nor anyone else will think differently of him or her just because of using a mobility aid. His or her safety and comfort is what you are trying to ensure.

Arrange for Physical Therapy

Oftentimes seniors experience a limited range of motion due to the body becoming stiffer and less agile with age or the development of conditions like arthritis. These complications can make mobility difficult for your loved one. Encourage your loved one to attend a few sessions of physical therapy to receive customized guidance on increasing mobility and range of motion. Even one or two sessions can teach your loved one the fundamentals for boosting his or her mobility.

Persuade Your Loved One to Keep Moving

The best way for your loved one to remain mobile is to keep moving as often as possible. However, keeping in motion can be difficult for seniors who have sore joints and become fatigued easily. Keeping your loved one moving will be easiest if you find enjoyable ways to motivate him or her. Suggesting fun, low-impact activities such as swimming or yoga can motivate your loved one to stay mobile. However, if your loved one has experienced a stroke, making certain movements more difficult, a post-stroke caregiver in Chandler can assist with mobility.

Make Sure Spaces Are Accessible

Moving around is much easier when there is room to do so safely. If your loved one has limited mobility, consider rearranging his or her living space to make it easier to navigate. For instance, purchase nonskid rugs and clean up any clutter throughout your loved one’s house. Also, try to plan ahead for taking your loved one on an outing. Find out where accessible entrances for the mobility impaired are so your loved one doesn’t feel like a burden, and plan for a level of movement he or she is comfortable with.

Life can be safer and more comfortable for a senior when not hindered by mobility challenges. If your loved one could use a helping hand around the house from a part-time or live-in professional caregiver, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers are expertly trained to assist with daily tasks that may be challenging for seniors with limited mobility such as exercise, bathing, and cooking. For more information on elderly home care Chandler families trust, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (480) 448-6215 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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