3 Tips for Promoting Dignity in Seniors with Dementia

Help Elderly with Dementia Maintain Dignity

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Ensuring Seniors with Dementia Maintain Dignity

As seniors with dementia frequently experience feelings of embarrassment because they are unable to complete routine activities, finding ways to help promote senior dignity is important. If your elderly loved one has cognitive challenges that make daily tasks difficult, consider taking steps to promote his or her emotionally wellbeing. Chandler senior home care experts suggest the following 3 ways to help maintain senior dignity.

1. Highlight Success

Focusing on small victories is an easy step towards helping your loved one avoid the feelings of depression and low self-esteem that are common among seniors with dementia. Rather than focusing on instances of forgetfulness, highlight the daily accomplishments of your loved one. Letting your loved one know that you recognized he or she was successful can raise spirits and make him or her feel more confident about his or her abilities.

2. Select Home Care

While the wandering and memory loss caused by dementia can make living alone dangerous, choosing to hire a dementia caregiver in Chandler can help keep your loved one safe while living at home. As your loved one is familiar with the layout of his or her own house, home care can allow him or her to continue completing some daily tasks, in turn promoting his or her feelings of independence. As an added benefit, remaining at home can also help seniors with dementia avoid feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression.

3. Promote Control over Daily Routine

Though seniors with dementia require assistance with simple tasks, allowing them to retain some level of control over their schedule is important for their emotional wellbeing. Encourage your elderly loved one to make decisions about his or her day. While offering too many choices can be overwhelming for your loved one, giving him or her several options for breakfast, clothing, or television channels can make him or her feel respected and important.

At Home Care Assistance, we understand that dementia is a progressive condition, which is why we offer 24-hour and hourly care services in Chandler. Whether your loved one needs around-the-clock safety monitoring or only requires assistance with daily tasks for a couple hours a week, we are committed to providing in-home care that can promote your loved one’s health and wellbeing, while also keeping him or her safe. To learn more, give a Care Manager a call at 480.448.6215 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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