Tips for Approaching Difficult Topics with Seniors

How to Approach Difficult Topics with Elderly Parents

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How to Discuss Difficult Topics with Aging Parents in Chandler, AZ

As your elderly loved one ages, there are a number of new situations that can arise regarding his or her health and safety. While talking about things like preferred living accommodations, insurance matters, and the creation of a will can be sensitive, it’s important to involve your loved one in as many decisions as possible so you ensure his or her wishes are taken into consideration. Follow these tips on how to approach difficult topics with your senior loved one, brought to you by the staff at Chandler Home Care Assistance.

Begin the Discussion Sooner Rather Than Later

Talking about important issues early, before a health crisis or emergency occurs, is best because it can allow time for research and making informed decisions about the topic in need of discussion. Waiting until your loved one’s cognitive function declines or he or she slips and falls can only complicate matters. For instance, even if your loved one lives independently with no current need for assistance, discussing home care now can help him or her stay open to the idea in the future.

Don’t Go It Alone

Try to involve family members in these discussions. While compromise may be challenging, hearing everyone’s ideas ensures all avenues are covered and that no one feels left out. Plan together on how to approach your loved one about any sensitive matters. Also, since including a large amount of people in the discussion can make it seem like an intervention, make sure your loved one has plenty of time to speak his or her mind.

Validate Your Parents

Above all else, be sure to listen to your loved one and to take his or her opinion on these matters into account. This is your loved one’s life you’re talking about, and he or she deserves to be in charge of decisions as much as possible. Make sure your loved one’s wishes are heard. Consider how he or she will react to any suggestions and have solutions ready for the various possibilities.

Depending on your loved one’s health, there are many options for how to approach talking about decisions for the future. Is he or she still able to live independently, or is there reason to believe he or she needs some assistance at home? In the latter case, in-home care can help your loved one remain safe while comfortably aging in place. For trusted live-in and part-time care in Chandler, turn to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can help with many daily tasks, including physical assistance, bathing and grooming, and transportation. For more information, please call one of our qualified Care Managers at (480) 448-6215 to schedule a free in-home consultation. We hope to hear from you soon.


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